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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Media Monday - Tarkan's new video - Kayıp

Check out the official video for Kayıp (Lost) at Tarkan's website –

A very beautiful and powerful song about a relationship that has ended. The video matches the song in that it is simple and beautiful, mostly in sepia tones, shadowy and blurred in some places, clearer in others. Like in life & our memories where the bad parts are blurred and become hazy and the better times become sharper.  Tarkan wanders around an apartment, ‘lost’ and alone and we get glimpses, memories, of the one that he has lost.

(Some of the lyrics roughly translated below)

Kayıp (Lost)

The clouds are painted in sad black
The falling rain is weeping for us
My hope is diminished
Time goes
Separation is master
And we are its servants

Your hands are fading in mine
It was an afraid and wounded bird
Flew fluttering from a love that was over

I wish I could say, may God speed you
But my throat is tight, I lost my words
I will never love anyone else again
Because my heart is lost in this body. . .

Who looks at a bathroom and says lets shoot a video here?  Or maybe is was lets shoot most of this video in a bathroom? Of course most videos are very strange to begin with; I guess you need to find ways to make them interesting. Not all of the video takes place in the bathroom, but a good majority of it does.  An interesting item of note is a turn table.  How long will it be before most of the population has only seen them in photos?

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