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Sunday, April 3, 2011


If you like good music you must check out Tarkan.  I am a total iPod addict.  I decided to find some Turkish music to listen to, to put me in the mood. 

I discovered Tarkan. 

Obviously I don’t understand the lyrics at this point without a dictionary (or some memorization) but the lyrics are amazing.  The songs are certainly good to dance to, fabulous to do housework to and for burning extra calories.  In fact I can hardly not dance when listening to most of his songs!

Tarkan's latest album - Adımı Kalbine Yaz – is by far my favorite album, though Adele's new album comes close (well closer then any other). 

I told my husband that Tarkan’s voice is like chocolate, a really good dark, smooth, rich chocolate with all the different subtle layers of flavor.  I can’t decide which song that I like the most but Öp (Kiss), Adımı Kalbine Yaz (Write My Name on Your Heart) and Usta-Çırak (Master-Apprentice) are I think my top 3 (of course then I look at the rest and think but I really like that one too!) Acımayacak has a Steam Punk inspired video. 

His English album, Come Closer (not available on iTunes – but that’s ok I also have a terrible Amazon addiction) is more like milk chocolate – not so rich, with lots of sugar added but still very good. If You Only Knew is my favorite.  Metamorfoz is also a very good album.

Check his website out - - to listen to his music and watch the videos.  Once you enter the website you have the option of viewing it in English just look in the bottom left corner.

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