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Sunday, April 3, 2011


We love to cook, we read & collect cookbooks, we like to try new things.  I have also inherited from my Grandmother Alice 3 blue binders filled with recipes and household hints.  They are filled with everything from handwritten, very vague recipes to newspaper & magazine clippings, to food packages. I would like to organize and share these in someway, so I plan on trying out these and preserving them via this blog.  

Did I mention that we have a lot of cookbooks?  We currently have 312 food and drink books listed on Library Thing and I still have more to add.  So I am also going to try to test some recipes and review the cookbooks. I have to admit that we do read cookbooks like any other type of book when we buy them, but it is time that we need to get them off the shelves and utilize them too!

We also have some food magazines, with recipes to try out.  My favorite is Saveur which is a very beautiful and interesting food magazine, if I could only have one food magazine this would be the one.  Check out their website at

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