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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Scandia MN

I have been a bit busy lately; June is very busy in our household as we prepare for CONvergence.  We say that we are going to be better prepared next year, but you know how that works!  So here are some pictures of Scandia, MN.

Scandia is believed to be the first Swedish immigrant settlement in the State of Minnesota.  It even has Dalecarlian horse (or in Swedish: Dalahäst) statues.  My great-grandmother, my fathers mother's mother, Anna Ericson was born in Scandia. I think that there are also relatives from my grandfathers side too, but I am kind of fuzzy on that.

Below is a picture of what I beleive was my great-great Grandparents house on my fathers, mothers side.  Their last name was Peterson.
It would have been interesting to know the story of how she left Scandia to become an opera singer . . .and a woman who preferred to have her pedicure before she got out of bed.

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