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Monday, May 2, 2011

Media Monday - Around the World in 80 Dates

I was wandering in the used bookstore and discovered a travel memoir section. How delicious! This book caught my eye, it looked interesting. Dating people where you live is hard enough, but to travel the world and get date must be harder.

Jennifer wants to be in a relationship, she has a fulfilling career, and everything else that she wants in life but someone to share her life with. So she decides to quit her job and for a year her job will be the job of finding herself a Soul Mate. She reviews her past relationships, figures out what she is looking for in a man and then enlists the help of ‘Date Wranglers’, friends, relatives, business associates who can help her set up a date with a man who fits into her requirements.

It is absurd and thought provoking. She puts all of her skills to work towards her goal, something perhaps we all should do more of?? The first part of the book is laugh out loud funny as she tells about some of the absurdness, the fun, the stress of it all. The second part is almost like a totally different book as she hits a turning point and needs to evaluate what she is doing, to think about how so much traveling and so many dates impact her life and is it all worth it?

Of course she does a bit more then just date, she also meets with people who are experts in their field to give her some insight on love and relationships.

I think that the book is good not only for people looking for love but also their friends as well. She gives insight on not only what is going through her head while looking but also thinks about the choices that her ‘Date Wranglers’ make when they pick a certain person for her date. Did they pick them because they matched her ‘job description’ or were they living vicariously through the date? Was this ‘the one that got away date”, the ‘check up on the ex date’, or maybe even the ‘I would so date him if I wasn’t in a relationship date’?

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