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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Food should be fun, fetching and flavorful.

Food should be fun, fetching and flavorful.  Anyone who disagrees hasn’t eaten anything really good.  Food, here in America at least, has come to mean fast & fattening.  I think that we should change that.  There is nothing wrong with food created fast, or something that takes hours to create.  I admit that I am one of those people that don’t mind spending hours in the kitchen creating dishes.  But most days I want instant gratification, so none of this cooking for two stuff in my household.  I want cooking for eight!  Then I divide up the leftovers and freeze – instant frozen dinner.  The fact that I saved money by making it myself and that I know exactly what is in my food are bonuses.

Ok, I read cookbooks.  Yes, read them like other people read novels, and then I make up recipes in my head, when I am not making up stories to help relax so I can get to sleep.  Sometimes the making recipes to make me relax backfires and instead keeps me awake but I have come up with some pretty good recipes if I do say so myself.  The cucumber blue cheese boats that everyone request for example.

So today I made some fun food.  It’s kind of plain looking but it is tasty and fun – glutinous rice and banana tamales.  I was going to make Turkish Manti, but I have been feeling under the weather and they are a lot of work.

Ok, the picture isn't the greatest, did I mention that I have been feeling under the weather?  But it gives you the idea.  And is it simple??   Yes! Make glutinous rice, add coconut milk, sugar and some bananas (or really any kind of fruit), wrap it all up in the corn husk like a tamale and steam it.

So get into the kitchen and have fun!


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