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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have been a TOTAL slacker! 

Ok, maybe not.  I did read 121 books and start on Harry Potter in Turkish (which I do not speak or read – yet!) I also made my first pair of gloves and created a new candy recipe.

Starting January I am getting back on track with 2 major recipe projects:

The Retro Recipe project & 52 Weeks, 52 soups Project

I have a recipe hoard from my two grandmothers that I am trying to organize.  Thankfully one of them didn't actually cook so there is less then 300 recipe cards to go through (and a few seem to be duplicates.)  I am thinking to combine recipes with genealogy (which my mother does) for X-mas gifts.  I even have a recipe from my great-grandfather who was a well-known ENT doctor in Minneapolis.  His recipe starts out with take 18# grapes, stems removed (no rotten ones!)  . . .

Of course to me the most important one is Vernie’s Rice Pudding.  If I have it correct she was my great-grandmothers sister’s daughter and was born 03/08/1889 in Center City, Minnesota.    I always request this for the holidays and family get togethers.

I had already started on the hoard of my other grandmother (My Grandmother's Blue Books) so I will continue with that.

52 Weeks, 52 soups

The hubby & I are planning to try one new soup recipe a week this year.  They are great for lunches.  We have a pressure canner so we can make a big batch and can it.  He made some roasted carrot & tomato soup that was really good this month.

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